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Great Eastern Trail – Appalachian Trail Hike

Welcome to the official website for the GET-AT Hike!

We’re so excited to get the chance to hike 2,174 miles to spread the word about the Great Eastern Trail–one blaze at a time. You can read more about the trails, view maps and photos, read about the hikers & our blogs about our journey on this site. Feel free to leave comments & encouragement – we will need y’all to keep us in touch with the real world!

Great Eastern Trail

In 2005 the trails community, including representatives from the American Hiking Society and the National Park Service’s Rivers, Trails, & Conservation Assistance program, gathered to propose the “Great Eastern Trail”, or GET. GET will both link existing trails in the Appalachian Mountains and support the building of new trails to establish a new, long-distance trail stretching 2,000 miles from Alabama to New York. This trail will also be a link to over 10,000 miles of trail in the east, connecting such trails as the North Country Scenic Trail in NY and the Florida National Scenic Trail. The trail will provide an alternative to the Appalachian Trail to help ease crowding and its impact on the environment. The formation of GET will also help to protect the natural hiking trail corridors for future generations. This trail complements the existing eight national scenic trails, providing recreational opportunities for the entire East Coast.

To learn more about the Great Eastern Trail visit the website at www.greateasterntrail.net

Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail (AT) is a footpath extending 2,174 miles from Georgia to Maine. The AT is registered as a National Scenic Trail which is part of the National Park System. Along it’s course it crosses 14 different states, passes through more than 60 federal, state, and local parks and forests. The trail “corridor” ranges from only a few hundred feet wide to covering huge expanses of wilderness. The trail encounters a wide array of flora & fauna, topography, and wildlife–not least of all the hikers one will stumble upon on the trail.


The GET-AT Hike is a boy, a girl, & a dog embarking on a 2,174-mile hike on the Appalachian Trail to spread the word about–and enthusiasm for–the development of the Great Eastern Trail. Hikers Andy & Susan have been looking forward to hiking the AT for as long as they can remember, and, having finally decided to make the trip, they wanted to both enjoy the time spent away from the world, yet still give something back during their walk. To be able to spread the word about this trail & raise money to help it along on its way towards realization felt like the perfect opportunity for them to give back to the hiking community.


Andrew Grizzell, Susan Baxley, & a 2 year old black lab named Corley will leave Springer Mountain in March, embarking on the six month 2,174 mile journey to Maine. Andy & Susan are outdoor enthusiasts, having worked as white-water rafting guides for the Nantahala Outdoor center for several years on the Chattooga River. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the severe drought that is driving their shift from water to land, but the desire to leave civilization behind to enjoy the wilderness and adventure that the AT offers. They heard about the GET through the American Hiking Society and were excited about the possibility of supporting the creation of a trail that offers a more remote wilderness experience and a network of hiking trails in the East, offering 10,000 miles of new trails & countless opportunities for adventures.

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11 Responses

  1. Dad Says:

    Awesome!!! Cool web site. Very professional. Wish I could hike it. Have just finished Bryson’s book. Sounds like a loooooong, exciting voyage. Dad

  2. kolby Says:

    good luck guys!

  3. Neilix Says:

    You guys rock ! See you soon.Easy on those Dutch Ovens, They can stain your skin !

  4. Mom Says:

    Wow, i’ts hard to imagine this journey. Our group wants to mail you a support package — what would be helpful since I reckon you are carrying a full load as it is. Take good care — eyes and heart open at all times. m

  5. Mrs. Jeffries' Class Says:

    We have enjoyed reading your entries! We are tracking your trip and keeping up with where you are. We think Corley is COOL! Mrs, Jeffries wants to know why she never makes it in the entries for keeping Corley over night…Kade and Karter cry every time he leaves :( Miss you guys bunches. Love, Mrs. Jeffries and class

  6. Crystal Says:

    Hey guys, look for a package on the 17th! Take care! Stay warm!

  7. gucci and bearfoot Says:

    Hey guys, slow down! The party for Cinco de Mayo is ON!!! Tomorrow, My Puerto in Marion…be there or be SQUARE, get your hitch on! (BIG Corley, this means you, too!) We miss you guys!

  8. Mike in Columbia, SC Says:

    Got you name from Karen Kustafik when I informed her I was thinking about hiking the AT starting out with a small section to get a feel for the adventure. Good luck on your trip. Mike a member of the City of Columbia open studio pottery program.

  9. Emilie, Kolby, Kade and Karter Says:

    We miss you guys SO MUCH! We are sad to hear that Corley had to leave your side but what a great thing to look forward to at the end :) Lots of Hugs and Kisses!

  10. Bob Gillis Says:

    Andy found my wallet on Wildcat Mountain in the Whites of New Hampshire. When I realized I lost it, I thought, if its found, it will be returned. Those are the kind of people who hike mountains. My kind of people! All the best as you complete the AT. You’re gonna love Maine. And you can expect a contribution to the Great Eastern Trail coming at you in the mail. Thanks so much, Bob

  11. Mike Rauseo Sr Says:

    I am a potter at the city of Columbia Arts studio and plan to hike a section of the trail with goal of doing a through hike in the near future. I know you are so proud to be at the finish. I will tell the rangers at the city of Columbia hello for you. Congratulations on completing the AT.


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